Ever since I remember I always hated running. In fact I couldn't understand how people would just go out to run without any purpose - what sense does it make? Apparently A LOT. 

This nonsense on my head was gone when back in 2014 I moved to London and I couldn't afford a gym so I had to learn how to love what these crazy people were finding "addictive". How? keep reading and thank me later (or even better, tell me how it goes).

- Buy an outfit: Don't put on the oldest clothes you have or the promotional t-shit from that festival you went to last month. Since running is free, go ahead and invest some money in an outfit. Yes, you just need one to begin with - a really good quality and comfortable set of clothes that makes you feel pretty, sexy and confident when you're in it. This will definitely make a difference - I promise.  

- Create a playlist: There might be one that you already love but in my opinion none knows you better than yourself. Choose music that motivates you - the kind of music that makes you smile and brings you good memories every time you listen to it. If that doesn't seem to work with you, maybe you are made for podcast or even nothing at all? PS - if you're into latin music try my running playlist and let me know what you think!


- Feel: When running it's really important to listen and connect with your body and the space you're at so go out, put your headphones on and get going. Start by looking in - constant steps, straight torso, relaxed neck and shoulders, moving arms and proper breathing (inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth). Once this is all under control it's time to look out - the people around, the floor, the scene and the weather. Always remember this - bottom to top and inside out.      

- Take it easy: Usually, you want to start running because you have a big goal you want to achieve - fair enough. Now listen to me. Break that goal into little targets and set up a realistic routine to achieve them - start running once a week for a month and if you feel like you want more then make it twice a week and so on. The main thought behind each run should be "I feel awesome" instead of "I don't want to do this again" because at the end of the day the better you feel the easier will be ro reach your goal.

- The extras: If you really want to succeed at running you should always make sure you do at least 15 mins of strength exercises and 5 mins of stretching right after you run. If you skip this little step you'll be injured in less than a month - I promise.  

Now these are just 5 simple things to keep in mind to just get started with the running you always wanted to do without giving up after a week. Remember running is like any other exercise - it does have a technic and you need to learn it gradually.