running half marathon

I had this idea in mind for a very long time. I even tried to train for it a few times when living in London but I was always getting injured just when I was about to subscribe to the race. One day, when I was very much in deep shit, I woke up and decided I'd do it just to show myself I can do anything I want in life if I really want to and I work for it.


Again, having a very clear reason of why I was going to do this was key to make my commitment indestructible and way more enjoyable - it's very important to enjoy all the step of the way in anything we do; and the way to do so is by being very present and breaking down the goal in small milestones!

So I took easy but steady steps towards my 21km race and I found myself feeling and training like never before. At times it wasn't easy, self pressure and social events I couldn't go to cause I had to train early next morning were difficult to manage for me. On the good side, this actually helped me see through the people around me and start putting my energy only on those ones worth of it. 

And the day came. OMG I will never forget the 16 of February of 2020. All the thoughts I had while running, all the people that came to see me, all the streets I run over, all the energy I had and the way I arrived to the finish line. I am insanely grateful for having been able to feel all of that for at least 1,50 hours.