Vegan & non-vegan relationships

A vegan person dating a non-vegan one sounds like a big deal but it's definitely very doable as long as respect is the main food on the plate. Let me put you in perspective. 

Going vegan is your own personal choice so you shouldn't expect for anyone to do the same - you weren't vegan before and you were still a great person, right?


Once that's clear in your mind let's say that there are many different things you can do to get him/her a bit closer to your world. This is in fact what you should aim for - I promise it won't be the only thing that happens though.  

- Share the knowledge: He just doesn't know much about food and you didn't either so start by giving him some information here and there. Don't force him to watch a documentary or read an article but tell him the most interesting facts once you've done so - I can guarantee he'll come back to you with random questions in the next couple of days. 


- Experiment with flavours: You know about food because you love food so go have fun. Look for different recipes and let him choose what to eat. Enjoy your cooking with some wine and your favourite music. Set up the plates nicely and bring the food to the table without any other expectations rather than a "I like this". If you're excited about food, he'll be excited too - after all the way to a everyone's heart is through the stomach. 

- Cook for both of you: Or for 6 like I always do. Then give him the option to make it his main food or the side of whatever he wants to eat. It's really important that he hears both options coming from you - always keep in mind that you used to eat exactly the same and no one was judging you for it. 

- Stock up propperly: Make sure you always have plenty of vegan food around the house but most importantly make sure you always have pre-cooked meals ready to eat. Cooking a steak that needs to be bought first VS having a vegan burger that just needs to be re-heated? He won't think about it twice - leftovers are life!    

- Avoid food rules: Let's not overcomplicate things, it's just food after all. If he wants to have some cheese in the fridge and his favourite chocolate bar in the cupboard, why not? It's his house too. Now, you have a mission here: finding a vegan option for both items that matches or even improves their flavour. It might not work for everything he loves but hey, finding the way to replace one of them is already a pretty big step.    


- Let him be: When he doesn't ask for your opinion don't give it. If he is cooking chicken and rice for dinner it means that the decision is already made so don't try to change his mind because that's only going to upset him. Tell him you want rice too and combine it with something else you fancy - or something you know he loves. Don't worry, you won't be praising the fact that he's eating meat - you'll just be giving the meat the importance it would have in a non-vegan home.   

Dating a non-vegan boy (or girl) is definitely easier than you think if you approach it this way. If he doesn't completely change his mind I know for a fact that at least he'll be more conscious of what he eats and he will most luckily decrease his intake of meat naturally as a first approach to your world.

For me it's pretty straightforward - it's all about respect and knowledge.