when to quit your job

Hey, quiting your job is not the end of the world. I know it might be difficult to understand when it's the right time and what are the "correct" reasons to do it but that's like everything in life - you'll figure it out.  

Making the decision is not easy, I know. But sometimes you just have to face reality. Your family and friends will probably think you're crazy - don't take it too personal, they're just scared because they care. What they don't know is how you feel every day because YOU'RE NOT OK at work.

- Mondays: It's the first day of the week and instead of feeling like "all the possibilities are possible" you're more like "f*** I have 5 days to go and I spent the whole Sunday thinking about it". 

Exercise: It's 06:00 in the morning and you're running around the city - it's your favourite time of the day and you know it. Oh well, it used to be because nothing can take you out of bed now - you even try to be a bit late to work.


- Office: It's your work space and it's always been bright, organised and inspiring but somehow it just feels like a little-tiny-messy square that you need to organise every single day.  

- Motivation: It's what keeps you alive, what makes you look for new challenges and evolve although now, you rather be doing something else - something that doesn't even need your brain.

- Boss: It's always been unbelievable for you the faith and the trust he's had on you since day one but lately he's so busy and so "everything" that he doesn't give a s*** about you anymore - in fact you think he hates you (it's all in your mind though but that's just how you feel). 

- Lunch: It's definitely a good time to relax, disconnect and chat with your colleagues however you can't wait to leave the office and you even ask yourself whether they will realise if you come back or not.       

- Concentration: It's always great ticking tasks on your to do list, what's not so great is that lately you can only tick a couple of them in a day and you're not even keen to do anything about it. 

- Positivism: It's one of your best qualities but it's gone and you can't find it anywhere - not even outside work and you know everyone around you is noticing it.

- Friends: It's your people, they've always been a big part of your life, of who you are but you have to confess that it's been a while since you last saw them - or even worst, since you just spoke to them. 

- Dinner: It's the time of the day when you slow down while eating nutritious and delicious food instead of the time of the day when you complain about everything and eat the shittiest food you have in your fridge. 

This is way too much to hold in your mind on a daily basis. Rushed decisions are definitely not the answer but give yourself two months. Go on holidays and see how you feel after. Try to speak to your boss and see what happens. 

PS - you studied around 21 years to be able to get a job so I bet you want to be in a place where you feel at your best. YES, learning how to be selfish is hard.